The Petracon Group

The Petracon Group is a consortium establish with traditional values that breed Purpose, Professionalism and Profitability. Its operations are predominantly based on excelling standards worldwide. Poised towards these standards, It has operational arms which operate in various fields regionally, as well as international alliances with sister companies that enable its global operations.
The Petracon Group is currently engaged regionally in projects that border around the energy industry, infrastructure development, environmental restoration, human capital development, materials & commodity trade, consultancy and domestic investments across fields that fuel national growth.
The group also, in collaboration with its International partners, is actively involved in machinery & the heavy equipment industry in the line of fabrication, acquisition, and worldwide delivery, as well as related assembly of plants and stations.
Each of the member arms of the group packs a specialized workforce with extensive expertise in the various fields of operations


Petroleum, Trading and Construction (PETRACON) Group Limited is an indigenous group of Oil and Gas, General Trading and Engineering firm. We specialise in the construction, commissioning and maintenance of power generation facilities. Based in many parts of Nigeria through dependable partners, PETRACON is ideally placed to undertake projects throughout Nigeria and the entire West African sub region. PETRACON provides a wide range of services and expertise to both the onshore and offshore Energy and Oil & Gas sectors of the Nigerian economy.

We are dedicated to bringing life into our clients’ visions. We employ an integrated process that puts our valued client at the center.

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PETRONAIRE ENERGY LIMITED (RC. 1136212) is an indigenous Company established to offer top quality services in the areas of Oil & Gas industry, Construction, Engineering and allied industries.
Petronaire Energy Limited is fully owned by Nigerians and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990 of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Over the year, Nigerian energy infrastructure has been solely financed by government because of the social and economic impact, high investment requirements and long gestation period. Over 5000km of petroleum product and gas pipelines, storage depots, refinery, power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructures were all built through direct government funding.

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Petracon International business ventures is an international arm of the Petracon group with offices in California, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Tel Aviv and Accra, supporting the group’s global operations which are based on collaborative partnerships and alliances with international sister companies and global groups. The firm is, in fact, a member of the Gazmin International Group, and collaborates with the inhouse members on global projects which include Oil & Gas, infrastructure, finance, heavy equipment, electricity and ports.
The firm focuses on international trade, largely centered on Petroleum, as well as investments across various fields globally, serving as a venture capitalist and holding stocks in various companies and other establishments Internationally.

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PETRACON is known for raising expectations for effective and efficient resources management. We’re equally committed to responsible business practices and involvement in not just the industries we serve, but our communities as well.

We believe corporate responsibility starts with the management of our own business: our approach to corporate governance, the environment in which we operate, the security, health and safety of our employees and the public, and the ethical principles we practice.

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